Product Guide

Features of Our Technologies and Products
We produce motion control components for a broad range of industrial areas including automobile, electronic, and industrial machinery.
For vehicles, we produce components for automotive air conditioners, sliding door actuators, and engine controls.
For computers, we produce components for hard disk drives.
We also make various coil-related components. To meet the requests of our customers, we support flexible production projects starting from prototypes to full-scale mass production.

Automobile-related Products
Electromagnetic clutch parts for car air conditioners
Conventional automotive air conditioners are driven by utilizing the rotational power of the engine. An electromagnetic clutch is used to switch on/off the transmission of mechanical force. For this purpose, we produce armature assemblies that contact the friction plates of the electromagnetic clutches, and solenoid coils for the clutches themselves.
Components for power-sliding doors
The popularity of recreational vehicles with power-sliding doors has boosted the demand for automatic switching devices in recent years. Accordingly, we produce solenoid coil assemblies for electromagnetic clutches to drive these power-sliding doors.
Components for electromagnetic control valves
Careful control of the timing for opening and closing engine valves, and their optimum positioning according to engine revolution speed, helps achieve higher engine performance, lower exhaust emissions, and better gas mileage. To actuate the valves electronically, we produce suitable, high-quality solenoid coil assemblies for use in motorized vehicles.
Electro-magnetic coils for clutches
Armature assemblies

Other Coils
Linear motor coil assemblies and various types of coil assemblies
We also produce linear motor coil assemblies and linear motor coils used for various industrial machines.
Solenoid coils
Large-scale coils

Valve Plates for Hydraulic Equipment

We do machining of valve plates used for hydraulic equipment.