Our company develops and manufactures a range of specialty coils used in electromagnetic products.
Our mission is to meet our customers' needs and achieve their complete satisfaction by offering the best possible products. To realize this we seek to provide our customers with high quality products on a just-in-time basis.

Our Management Philosophy
  • To be customer-oriented
  • To be creative and challenging
  • To be healthy in body and mind

Many of our products are manufactured in the clean environments of our factories and workshops to meet the most-exacting cleanliness requirements, since the products are destined for precision linear motors, PCs and other specialized applications. Absolute perfection is our constant, overriding goal.

Our innovative technologies and products help to reduce total energy consumption. Our products set an industry standard for cost-effectiveness, as we meet the exacting requirements of many leading equipment makers both domestically and globally.

By setting up overseas branch offices and affiliated factories in the Philippines with a focus on worldwide markets, we are able to supply products to customers all over the world. We can maximize our production capability to virtually any size of order, including a single prototype through to more than one million pieces per month.

We constantly strive to improve everything for our valued customers. Guided by our advanced technologies, we are confident that we can consistently provide superior results for our customers today and into the future.
Tetsuo Kogure, President & CEO

Meaning of our trademark and corporate logo
1.The letter "S" in the center circle stands for SANSEN Co., seeking harmony.

2.The triple circle represents the power of cooperation by the three original company founders.

3.The wings encompassing the triple circle symbolize "Creativity," "Technology," and "Harmony."

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