Factory Guide

Coil Production Line
From miniaturized 2mm coils to massive 1.5m-dia. coils (weighing approx. 1 ton), we can produce a range of products including level-wound coils and coils of various shapes, uses and sizes.
From our factories come clutch coils for automotive air conditioners, VCMs (voice coil motors) for hard disk drives, and various types of wound coils.
Automatic winding machine with 4 bobbins
Coil-winding machine for VCM
Special coil-winding machine

Assembly Lines
Raw materials for electromagnetic clutch components used in automotive air conditioners are processed and assembled as intermediate and finished products. We also cover the assembly of VCMs for hard disk drives, and special coils for linear motors.
Assembly process for electromagnetic clutch components
Automatic assembly machines
Assembly process for VCM coils

Cold Forging Press Line

To provide plastic workability, metal parts for automobiles are processed, and thick plates are formed using press machines.

Cutting & Machining Line
Metal parts are processed using CNC lathes, small machining centers, and milling machines.
Through employment of an automatic position adjustment system, boring inner holes can be done with high precision.
CNC lathe
CNC lathe (close-up view)

Resin Molding Line

Injection molding process for super-engineered plastics.
Injection molding machines